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Westboro, Ottawa Farmers' Market

I love myHOOD

especially on Saturday mornings

the Ottawa Farmer's Market is just

across the street from my apartment!


This morning I decided to blog about it!

The people in this community are

not only conscious about our Environment

they are entrepreneurs with a passion

a passion for LIFE!

I met many people today. I will blog each week, showcasing a different entrepreneur from the farmers' market and around Westboro.

Steph Kittmer is the Market Manager

Steph is beautiful and friendly

"It's been a good session so far except for a few rainy Saturdays.." she says.

You can tell Steph loves being involved in the farmer's market!

Connect with Steph if you want to learn more about the Ottawa Farmers' Market!

Britannia Backyard Edibles

I start mySTROLL through the market and notice

a girl walking in my direction with a handful of garlic bulbs.

I bet she was looking for the farmer she agreed to

trade with for maybe some bread or eggs :)

It was like looking at my 20 year old SELF...

She was wearing a wrap around skirt.

I'm pretty sure I had the exact same one...many moons ago!

Later, I realized she is the girl I've been buying my Garlic Scape from.

I didn't know what this curly green vegetable was and

Madeleine explained that it is the flower bud of the garlic.

It's my new favourite veg!

I was so happy to meet Madeleine and Matthew.

This is theirSTORY!

Check them out!!!

"Looking around the city it's surprising at just how much potential growing space there really is. Some people see only lawns, I see beautiful, bountiful food oases" Madeleine Maltby

The TRUEfarmer finds soil wherever they can, to do what comes so naturally...GROW!

I am so so happy that our young people are passionate farmers!

Madeleine and Matthew are farmers but also like living in the city!

They found a way to live they life they want

combining city living and farming,

Madeleine and Matthew leverage local backyard

gardens to produce a lush, nutrient rich harvest!

I love this concept!

We should do more of this!!!!

If you have extra space in your backyard and want to

reap the benefits of locally grown, organic vegetables,

Backyard Edibles will transform your space!

Rodney: Gourmet Grilled Cheese

Castor River Farm

I stroll to the end of the long row of tents of the Ottawa Farmers' Market
to find Rodney behind the grill!

A TRUEchef is Rodney

Like many 16 year old teenagers, Rodney is passionate about grilled cheese.

Rodney has taken this passion and created a business for himSELF!

As the smell of cheese and fresh local bacon lingers, the crowd starts of gather!

The vendor, selling soap, next to the grill notices me wanting to take a picture and suggests I get in behind the grill for a better angle.

"Gourmet Grilled Cheese is my education fund. I have launched my own version of my favourite food. My Dad grows the wheat, my mom mills the grain into fresh flour, and bakes the bread. My sister helps me at the Farmers' Market. What comes together with St. Albert cheddar cheese is a revolutionary sandwich." Rodney

So, in-between taking orders and cooking for the crowd,

which was growing quickly,

Rodney filled me in on himSELF.

He is 16 yrs old and an ENTREPRENEUR!

Rodney makes a mean grilled cheese,

goes through about 11 loaves of homemade bread a day,

uses the famous St. Alberts Cheese,

and many pounds of their delicious Castor River Farm bacon!


Rodney: I work at Algonquin College.

You just might be interested in our Culinary Program after high school...just sayin :)

...or you may just want to come in for a tour!!
Algonquin College

School of Hospitality & Tourism
Culinary Skills - Chef Training

Turns out the 'vendor next door, selling soap' is Dad!

He watched and gently listened while Rodney and I chatted

offering bits of encouragement when appropriate,

all while not interfering or revealing to me that he was Dad :)

Dad's name is George

George's respect for his son was in full bloom in that moment

It was very nice to experience a father fully allowing his son to shine!

George, Dad: Castor River Farm

"We farm in Metcalfe, 20 minutes south of the city. Our once and twice rolled oats are our most popular grain we grow. We have two sets of equipment and test weekly to ensure our oats remain gluten free". George

I really enjoyed meeting George!

We talked about photography! He thought it would be fun to make a calendar of photographs of Farmer's Hands.

Shaking George's hands was like a big comfy hug!

his hands were massive!

George and his wife Kim are very conscious about the environment!

Castor River Farm has it going on!

They have pastured eggs, grains, soap, honey, maple syrup, mixes, pastured pork and chicken, and of course their son Rodney's Grilled Cheese Sandwiches.

George displays his soap

He feeds his English Large Black pigs the oats they grow

and make soap from the pig fat.

Check them out!

Castor River Farm

George Wright and Kim MacMullin

myHOOD - it's a wrap :)

It was such a great day in myHOOD!

Stay tuned next week when I showcase; Kin Vineyards, Pure Heart Essentials, and Art is In Bakery

If you have a neighbourhood that you would like me to showcase, or if you are an entrepreneur in myHOOD of Westboro, let me know :)


Nancy Bell

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